Monday, April 20, 2015

A tasteful baby quilt

At least, I think it's tasteful! And hopefully gender neutral as well. It might be slightly girly, but I think little boys should have as much yellow as possible. We painted number one son's room yellow for him before he was born, and he had a few fabulous orange jumpsuits and overalls. Anyway, there are a few pregnant bellies around, so I made a diversion this week into two baby quilts - I still have to finish the binding on the other one, but I'll post photos when I do.

And the backing fabric matches, most unusually. Simple shoo fly and meandering type quilting. It was fun to do something so small, it's been a while.

The first week of the school holidays has drifted by in cold winds and rain. Lots of computer time for the boys, sewing time for me, and occasional forays to the shops. I have made half hearted suggestions towards museums and cultural amusements, but no one was very enthusiastic. We have caught up with a few friends, which has been lovely, and walking the dog seems to provide enough fresh air for us all. My main focus has been trying to keep the washing under control when the sun refuses to shine. Small problems.


  1. the backing matches up quite nicely with the top!

  2. I always love your interpretation of the word "simple".

    How foreign your landscape looks to me. Your grass is so brown. Here, grass is always green, summer or winter. Your hills look lovely, though.

  3. Your swirly quilting looks great. I struggle to do such large swirls on my small machine.