Sunday, August 31, 2014


Somebody has just celebrated a Very Big Birthday - the train cake wasn't my idea, but it went down a treat! We didn't have a party, just lunch with a few friends and dinner out with family on the actual day.

I thought you couldn't have any kind of birthday without balloons, so got a few to look suitably festive ... and for the boys to smack at each other for the next week until I gave them the final OK to pop them all and put them in the bin. Such hours of fun out of 30 helium balloons.

To celebrate his birthday he has taken some time off work, and went down the beach for a few days with a mate for a boys own adventure. Although it bucketed rain the whole time, so not much fishing or walking ... plenty of red wine. Sounds idyllic - it would have been perfect except for finding what the rats had eaten. Not food, just the dishwasher hoses, the window cleaner and possibly the tv aerial cable. Nasty little things, we're getting the pest people in to sort them out.

This morning was cold and foggy until it cleared into a beautiful day. I took the boys up the hill - the LONG way, they were very fractious - and they claimed a rest at the top. It was crystal clear and gorgeous ... I think number one son is threatening to take number two's head off with that stick. They spent most of the walk in the ditch or hiding behind a tree - apparently you can't use the track because of orcs. I am not sure if I am immune from orcs, or if I am one...


  1. Gosh, our window cleaner is a lovely chap called David. I'll tell him to steer clear of rats.

    Happy birthday to your husband. I bet his birthday isn't nearly as significant as all that. I wish I was only that significant.

  2. What, by the way, is that weird spacecraft thing in which your sons are sitting???

  3. tell the hubster happy birthday from the states!

    are rats a big problem in australia? we have them here, mostly in the cities. they are in rural areas, but what we get mostly in the rodent department are mice inside the house. and i can't stand mice, let alone rats! eeeyuck.

    we live in a rural area and we also have a lot of wildlife outside such as opposum, raccoons, squirrels, and rabbits.

  4. I didn't think rats were a big problem until we kept getting them! Maybe it's just us. Possums are a pain too, but just so cute :)

    Isabelle, they are sitting in a trig point - triangulation point - trig pillar maybe in the UK? Marker on the top of hills used to make maps. They are all that shape around here - I don't know why - someone has added the chin-up bar off the railing, crazy!