Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A modern one

Here is the chopped up dresden quilt finished and bound. It is based on Kathy Doughty's modern wedge; although I really have no idea of the construction so I just made it up and it may actually be quite different. I haven't seen any quilt based on her pattern up close. Some of the blocks are more interesting than others, but I had fun making all of them!

I even went and specifically bought fabric for the centres and border. I never do that - and so it was an agonizing process to look at it all and choose one - and even then I got it wrong! It's too light and should be a bit darker to stand out from the blocks. Never mind, it is just a bit of fun.

I did an allover quilting meander because it is not a particularly flat quilt ... waves and wobbles because of all the bias edges.  The backing is another cheapo duvet cover; it won't wear very well but in the meantime it's quite pretty.

Isabelle asked what my great-great-grandfather was doing for Vines Utting Perston - they were a trading firm that owned a number of ships and traded between islands and then to New Zealand (and possibly further). I think the managers would be in charge of securing cargo and getting it on the ship. Maybe, I really don't know. It was a German firm, which fits with this guy (Arthur) apparently having a German mother ... which I think is also why his daughter and granddaughter (my grandmother) are called Gertrude. Or possibly they just thought it was a nice name.  (PS Isabelle, on the other side of the family my mother's grandmother's middle name was Stewart, after her mother who came from Paisley, so that makes us practically related!!!! I think Paisley is super exotic).


  1. this quilt has such a 1970's feel to me... cool, man...

  2. Hello cousin!

    Though believe me, Paisley is not exotic. It's a bit run-down these days, I fear.

    However, your quilt is lovely as usual. I don't know how you find the time, quite apart from the talent.