Friday, August 8, 2014

Another week whizzes past

And, in my case, a week sped past in the Kingdom of Tonga. Busy busy working although we did steal an early knock-off this afternoon and found the sea ... it always seems a bit unfair when you've had a week on  a Pacific island and haven't got your feet wet!

It is really beautiful, and not too hot - mid-20s at the most. I haven't been to Tonga before and I am very taken with it. You get there via NZ so I went a day early and spent some time with the family in Auckland, which was just lovely, and helped a bit with the time difference. Tonga is three hours ahead of Canberra which doesn't sound like very much but every morning my alarm goes off at 0730 and my body is insisting it's still only 430... never mind. Home again tomorrow.


  1. Looks lovely, Lyl. I hope the cold has been steamed out. There was still frost on the ground after 9.00 here this morning. Dad.

  2. As I keep saying, gosh.

    Again, I have to look it up on a map.

    Your life is so amazing - or, it sounds so from here.