Saturday, April 12, 2014

The family cold

My husband had it first, and passed it on to number two son. The school rang me when I was in Adelaide because my kid was sick ... I said that's terrible but I am a thousand miles away; which met with the silence it deserved. My husband got him eventually I think. Then this week number one son went down, most unusually as he tends to just ignore any illness and carry on, and then it hit me on Thursday morning. I started crying at work and just couldn't stop which is SO embarrassing but a fairly sure sign you're not super well. I don't have the kind of workplace that has people sobbing on a regular basis, at least not in my part of it...

So I spent the last couple of days in bed and I'm feeling a bit better; clearly just a cold but quite annoying. It was the last day of school term yesterday and we were going to go straight down the beach, but I wasn't well enough. The weather's a bit grey and rainy but it still would have been nice to get out of town ... Anyway here are some photos from last Sunday's walk around the Jerrabomberra Wetlands.

Lots of birds apparently, if you can stay still long enough to see them. It was a bit cool to sit for any length of time (despite what the boys are wearing, I swear they don't feel the cold) so we didn't see anything terribly exciting, but still quite a pleasant walk. Good for everyone to get some fresh air in a brief break from sneezing and coughing and lying around, and quite pretty given that it's basically in the middle of Canberra.


  1. Oh dear, poor you. Glad you're a bit better.

    Jerrabomberra (is that right?) What a wonderful name.

  2. i sincerely hope you are feeling better! wish i had been online a couple days ago to send you well wishes sooner, but on the weekends i tend to fade out from blogland... anyway, you are allowed a good cry once in a decade (being the very strong woman i assume you are, from reading your blog over the years). being sick just plain sucks. this has not been a good year for me, as i was sick twice already and i'm usually not sick much at all. hang in there, it has to go away sometime!

    beautiful pictures! going to have to check out where that is on 'google earth'. being the typical american, i have no idea where anything is in any other country. sigh.

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