Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And even more crumbs

So this is what the blues and crumbs turned into - big and blue and quilted in lines.

The straight line quilting was easier than I thought it was going to be, although I didn't intend to change the direction of the lines until after I started. I thought it might be a bit boring with all the lines going the same way. It worked out fine but there is a patch (bottom right) where I finished up, and I ended up with way too much fabric all bunching up in a very inelegant manner. I am, as I've said before, a Very Poor Quilter and there is a fair bit of fudging and the occasional (gasp) pleat in the top to get it all done.

I marked it with my frixion pen as I went and was absolutely paranoid about making sure it was the right pen each time. I do not want normal ink on my quilts ever again; Ultimate Grand Supreme (the one with the pen) is on my older son's bed at the moment and every time I say goodnight to him I cringe. Luckily he'll spill food / toothpaste / marker pen on it before too long and I can give it another solid washing.

Here is a close up of the triangle border. I am almost at the end at my ball of leftover binding! A couple of nice big scrap tops that can be bound in random fabrics and it's nearly all used up. And it is so nice to have the binding already made and you just roll it out.

This quilt is called "Kinky Renee" because I had a line from an old Whitlams song absolutely stuck in my head while I was sewing down the binding ... the line is "gun-toting trigger-happy tranny named Kinky Renee" but that wouldn't all fit on the label. Sometimes quilts name themselves.


  1. I think the quilting going in different directions gives movement and interest to the top. Love scrappy triangle border too, its nice to be able to use up all those scraps.

  2. the quilting lines going in different directions looks awesome! it adds so much interest to an all ready interesting quilt.

    as far as the bottom right corner, you have got to start subscribing to the motto my grandma lived by. when showing handwork to another person, she said this about the mistakes "a smart woman won't say a word, and a dumb woman won't know the difference".

    yeah, quilts do name themselves most of the time. and they sometimes tell me when they want to be finished.... i'm talking about all the u.f.o.'s here. their squeaky little voices can usually be tuned out, but when i open the drawer they are in to get something out, they all clamor for attention. noisy little buggers...

  3. Well, it's lovely as usual. I think you must be several people. With a large domestic staff and no work to go to.