Saturday, April 26, 2014


It is school holidays here - as well as Easter and then yesterday was Anzac Day - so a whole heap of public holidays piled into two weeks. My brother and his family are over from NZ staying with us as well; we took them down to the beach for a couple of days to show off our little piece of paradise.

It was beautiful weather - Canberra at the moment is very autumnal and cool but the coast is warm and the water temperature is still lovely! We went swimming and went for some walks and had fish and chips and did all the proper beachy things.

And we blew out the candles on number one son's cake. Getting so big now ... my nephew is 15 and a fine example of what they turn into, given enough food and sunshine. Like a plant.

Getting too big for having his photo taken at every activity though. He didn't think the world needed a shot of him tucking into his lunch.


  1. Yumm, fish and chips at the beach.

  2. I agree with Heather about the fish and chips at the beach, the batter on that fish looks lovely and crunchy, yummo.

  3. Poor lad. I do keep thinking that I should perhaps stop posting pictures of my innocent grandchildren for similar reasons. It's fun, though!

  4. Gawd, remember when the wee chap was a mere squirming freshly popped sprog. And the fish and ships look fab.