Monday, December 23, 2013

Finished my machine quilting exercise

Here is the solid colour machine quilting experiment - lots of quilting and every border different.

I'm still not sure about the colours, but the overall effect is pretty good. Some of the borders I like better than others, but that was the point.  Working up some designs that I can use again, and trying them out. I like the final border which has just a one-sided fill pattern. It would look great with both sides done, but for this quilt I wanted the effect of a gap at the end. Almost scalloped.

This is the centre square - I can see how appallingly it's done - it's so uneven! But again, the overall effect is good ... particularly when viewed from a distance.

This quilt is called "Stealing Lines from Patsy Cline" because the middle green border is hand writing - and it was the lyrics to Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits which is what I was listening to at the time. I had some scraps of poetry I was going to use but I found that I couldn't listen to the music and maintain the words in my head; so I just gave up and went with whatever phrase from the song was playing. So it is very disjointed words, but it doesn't matter because it's impossible to read! I wouldn't try and quilt letters if I wanted them to be legible - it's much harder than it looks.

My machine behaved impeccably during this process - I am getting quite fond of it after our initial hurdles. Its extraordinary speed makes such a difference to my quilting; I used to think that I moved far too quickly but now I realise it was just the machine was far too slow :)


  1. It's much harder than it looks, is it?

    Well, I can tell you that it looks impossible to me. But very interesting.

  2. It looks great, a good idea to experiment like this. I like the effect of the lines and pebbles border.

  3. Awesome! Kudos go to the quilter! You must have figured that machine out for good this time. I'm still hoping to get one in April, but had to deplete my meager savings I had started for it to pay for repairs on my longarm. Well worth it, and if I have to wait longer to get the Janome, that's okay, too. I have my longarm machine back home and I'm a happy gal! Merry Christmas to you and your family.