Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A whole week

It's been a whole week since I last blogged, which is much longer than usual and I can't even blame my flu thing because it has all well and truly gone. Thank goodness. I'm still plugging away on my machine quilting exercise but I ran out of thread (it uses a LOT of thread) so I got distracted and started something else and I haven't quite finished that yet and .... you know how it goes.

And of course we have been doing this!!

Still not exactly tropical down the South Coast - one son plunged in with boogie board and spent half an hour in the water but the other son took a quick squealing dip before settling to making sandcastles. I went in up to my waist before retreating and my husband didn't get above his knees! But the weather was beautiful and it's always nice to be by the sea.

We bought some new dining chairs (we now have four! So we can all eat together) and scoped out a clothesline but mostly read books, watched movies and blobbed about. Not bad for a short weekend getaway.


  1. Looks lovely. I don't believe that you ever blob about. I bet you were sewing at the same time.

  2. glad you are feeling better. just looking at your pictures is relaxing. i'm so glad you have this place to go to!