Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I had a good sort through of my dyed and solid fabric and weeded out those that were too ugly to use or had some other fundamental flaw. And then I overdyed them, and they are all much better now. Not super wonderful, but at least useable. First up was yards and yards of commercially dyed yellow brown. I think it was left over the gingerbread man costume in 2010.

It went a lovely teal.

Another disaster in black and purple - I still have a few yards of this to do.

It went dark green - a bit gloomy but I'll probably find a use for it in something.

I did this with fabric paint when I thought that might be fun. It was a bit wishy washy and not very interesting.

I overdyed it with bright green and it didn't get any more interesting. Just greener.

These two were dyeing mistakes - not enough dye and not a high enough ambient temperature. One of the reasons why I stopped dyeing in winter.

But they did go a very nice moroccan red! Finally. I added in heaps of the dye powder and it worked much better than my earlier attempts.

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  1. the teal and the bright pink are my favorites. very nice!