Sunday, November 17, 2013

A utility quilt

Well, now I have another whole house to furnish, I thought I better make some quilts. Despite the fact that I have enough quilts already for about eighteen houses, and we only actually have one bed at the beach house at the moment (and a couple of camping mattresses for the boys), I felt the urge to make another everyday quilt. Just in case. So this is what those shoo fly blocks I was making from my 3 1/2 " strips turned into.

I called it "Fingertips". Not sure why. It was fun to make - nice and easy - and very scrappy. Fabrics are used once or twice at most in the blocks, and possibly again in the border.

I quilted it in an allover baptist fan; modified to allow it to be continuous. It was a good quick way of covering all that ground and you can't even see it from the front. It just looks like some sort of curved quilting - I could have done a random meander but I liked the fans and the discipline of rows kept it marginally even. It might be easier to see from the back. A bit crooked but I got much better at it by the end!


  1. A scrappy quilt and a simple traditional block are my very favorites.

  2. the sashing and cornerstones just really set those blocks off perfectly! beautiful quilt!

  3. Gosh. How do you have the time? - not to mention the skill, patience, etc etc. Do you have a very domesticated husband? Another time dimension in your life? An ability to go without sleep?

    It's lovely, anyway.

  4. By the way: "nice and easy".

    I think your definition of "easy" may be slightly different from mine.

    "Nice" yes. Very nice.