Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Not up to much

It's been five days since my last post which is longer than usual - but not because I've been up to anything interesting. Now we're back from New Zealand and had the first inspection of the beach house it is all a bit ho hum. And the weather has been really cold and rainy so I just want it to warm up and be proper seaside weather! Summer can't be too far off; remind me of this when I'm whining about the heat in February. On the sewing front, I used the dark grey I dyed to make pink and grey flying geese.

I may or may not trim off those dog ears. I don't know what I'll use them for but I'll keep making them and see where they take me. I suspect not very far, I only dyed half a metre of that grey. Maybe a very small quilt ... And that's all the sewing to report. I've been going to work, boring, and even my non-working Wednesday was fairly dull. I dead-headed the roses.

They are pretty. And I went to Costco. I do like Costco, I know I should prefer organic boutique pop-up whatever but I wander very happily round Costco with my enormous shopping trolley. Staring at the strange American things. Who would buy two litres of mayonnaise? What is frozen cookie dough? Why is the cheese a funny dark yellow and the butter weirdly pale? I bought something in a jar called "Fries Sprinkle" today that apparently you put on potatoes. I will give it a try and report back.

As you can see, I mostly buy a month's worth of meat for the freezer. Makes life much easier. I've learned not to be sucked in by the huge quantities, no matter how cheap they are. I just end up throwing half of it out (looking at you one litre tub of bocconcini) or overeating to the point of illness (1.2 kilo bag of dark chocolate chips, my god that was good).


  1. I'm so puzzled. Why isn't it summer with you? Have my teachers been misleading me all those years with this unbelievable stuff about its being hot in Australia at Christmas time?

    Boccancini? (or whatever it was). Some Australian delicacy?

  2. The pink and greys in your flying geese are the same pink and greys in your nature picture of the roses! Inspiration?

    Fries sprinkle sounds like a fancy name for season salt, which is mostly salt and maybe some paprika and chili powder. Probably taste pretty good on french fries!

    Did the frozen cookie dough come in a sheet where you could break off chunks to make the cookies? That stuff is so easy and pretty handy if you are going to get little kids for company and don't have time to make cookies from scratch! I always tell myself I'm going to make up batches of cookie dough and freeze it in little balls so I can make small batches of cookies whenever the mood strikes. Haven't done it yet, though. That's one of my "If it were a perfect world" ideas... haha

    Okay, I'll bite - what color is butter in Australia?

  3. Flying geese, one of my favorite blocks.

  4. 5 kg tub of Nutella at Costco. My life is complete.