Sunday, April 28, 2013

Some actual sewing!

You wouldn't think this was meant to be a quilting blog, there has been such a lack of actual sewing. I have been doing a bit, but it isn't very exciting - finishing up the 100 half square triangles, the 305 four patches and the 144 triangle in a square needed for the cathedral star quilt. But I've done it, and sewing them into blocks, and now I'm making the rows!

There they are on the floor while I audition fabric for the setting triangles. I think I'll go with one of the darker ones.

In the original pattern Bonnie used the same dark fabric for the setting triangles as in the jacob's ladder blocks, but of course I don't have enough. The downside of only ever buying a yard at a time... but it's a blessing in disguise because then I can use a different fabric and make the whole thing just that bit more scrappy! Why use five fabrics in a quilt when you can use fifty. Or five hundred.

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  1. This is going to look great - the colours really sparkle.