Friday, April 5, 2013

Home again

It's not exactly a difficult trip, but the boys have captured the thrill of air travel.

Now I'm back in the sewing room I'm making Bonnie Hunter's cathedral stars quilt - it's more complicated than the stuff I usually do but I want to use my new rulers that make little triangles-in-squares. And I like this quilt. So I've made a pile of four-patches.

A pile of triangles in squares.

A hundred half-square triangles.

It's taking forever, and I'm following the instructions to the letter (gasp!) but it's quite nice just to do that every once in a while. I might let my freak flag fly on the borders ... or I might not. I took these photos on my phone - I lost the camera for a while but then I found it again and took it up to Brisbane with me. And then when I was doing the washing the night we came back I basically tipped the dirty clothes suitcase upside down into the machine and washed everything ... including the camera. It does not work AT ALL now. Not one flicker of life ...

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