Friday, April 12, 2013

High and higher

Here is the view of Jakarta from my hotel room - a perfectly civilised fourteen floors up. High enough to be interesting, but not worrying, especially with a nice enclosed balcony.

Here is the view of Jakarta from the Skye Bar - a bar on the top of a building 57 stories high and open to the elements. One side has a scary but acceptably solid-looking glass barrier, but one side has a sort of a ditch and water feature that gives the really convincing impression of being no barrier at all.

These photos are terrible (the flash on my iphone won't light up a city of 15 million people, come on Apple lift your game) but you get the idea. This is my face at the time, although I was a bit more relaxed after a couple of very alcoholic cocktails.

So it's been satays and fun times this week which is good, but I'm missing the modern quilters tonight, which is bad. I wanted to show them my trip around the world, instead of actually tripping around the world. Maybe next time.


  1. Gosh. You do get around. We're off to Wales tomorrow for a long weekend while our son comes to look after the cats. It lacks the exoticness of (oh dear, can't spell it) Jakarta and rain is forecast. Ah well. Some of us are born for greatness and some of us... will be sitting on a narrow-gauge railway train because their husband is a train appreciator. Still, our daughter Laura will be there too, which will be nice.

  2. I missed modern quilters too as I was getting a cold and didn't feel li ke being irresponsible spreading the love, er germs, around.

    What a fantatsic view! I'm petrified of heights so not sure I could have done it though!