Thursday, June 23, 2011

Floor cushion

I made the blue strips mini quilt into a floor cushion in the end. I had the cushion (naked) in my sewing room for ages waiting for a cover, but it seemed like the boring old mending end of sewing so never got done! I hadn't thought of quilted cushion covers until I saw some beautiful appliqued and stitched floral numbers like this.

Clearly that floral concept I linked to is far too girly (and white!) for the boys to lie on grubbily in front of the heater, but I liked the idea of a quilted cover. It still looks a bit crumpled and wobbly, but in a cushion that's a good thing. I like the green fabric on the back too - this is my first go at putting in an invisible zipper. It's not particularly invisible, but I've learned how to do it now and will try better next time. It's very straightforward, easier than attaching velcro strips - my favourite method up to now - and much neater.

It looks like it's smirking at me for not being invisible. Maybe it is...

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