Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another floor cushion is born

And a damn sight easier than a real baby, let me tell you. The string-x blocks went together quite well for the number of bias edges involved.

I learned from my previous wobbly double tracks on the first cushion, and tried to avoid straight lines on any points where there were multiple seams. So the more detailed quilting is on the nice flat plain green bits. The string bits just a get a token quilting line a half-inch in from the seam - trying to avoid the bumps! Not 100% successful, but lots of fun.

Here's the back. Despite my best efforts it really isn't any more invisible than the earlier zipper - but the big print does quite a good job disguising it!

Something to sit on in the sun in the family room. These winter days the sun patch can be the only warm spot in the house. It's on a north wall, same as the little upstairs balcony, so the whole room gets lovely sun in winter. The boys gravitate towards the balcony - mostly for chucking off experimental tissue parachutes - but this string arrangement is new. Apparently it's a warning system and defence mechanism in case the neighbours attack us. (The neighbours are a delightful retired couple who have shown no invasion tendencies to date. But perhaps it's best to be prepared).

1 comment:

  1. Love your colours Lynley. The quilting is really effective too. Hope the boys keep you safe from marauding retirees!!