Thursday, November 4, 2010

String block things

I reckon the fun part is sewing the strips together. Having to decide what to do with them is a royal pain in the arse. They look so pretty all together, and so miserable in a block! Anyway I made an ohio star, which is a bit wonky (obviously) with an orange star. No particular reason for the orange - other than there was about a yard and a half of it and it was on the top of the pile.

I also made a spider web block - not foundation pieced - just adding the bundle of strips to the triangle and trimming it down to size ... made sense at the time. I would like to do it again with a more co-ordinated bunch of strips and make one of those pretty spiderweb quilts you see floating around on the web at the moment. The web effect is a bit lost with these random triangle points ... and I change the pattern so the star would be the primary impact - you can see the seam allowance in the left hand one would hit at the star point rather than make a floating background of orange.

I don't know why I'm torturing myself with possibilities now, I have to go to work and can't sew until tomorrow. Yesterday was a 16 hour day (I get paid for 5) so I'm going in half an hour late today! Yeah, what a way to stick it to the man.

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  1. I like these - fun colors and strings are always marvelous.