Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back to basics

It's back to something nice and straightforward with this baby quilt. It's for a friend's baby who I was meant to go and visit this morning, but I have a cold, and there's nothing like spreading your germs through a bunch of little kids to make you popular. So I'll have to see them another time ... no point in going if you can't blow on the baby's tummy.

I enjoyed making this and not having to worry whether it was fulfilling my artistic urges! (I have them, honestly). The blue floral is very pretty, and more of a aqua blue than shows in the photos. I machine quilted it with freehand flowers in the middle of the stars and a basic squiggle on the outer border.

I'm slowly handquilting my way through the liberated chinese coins - I've decided to do freehand baptist fans in the borders which I do love, but it's going to take quite a long time, given the size of the quilt. Oh well, that's what television is for.

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