Saturday, November 13, 2010

Doodling on fabric

Monday and Tuesday this week I spent in an organisation management get together - perfectly civilised and even slightly interesting - but requiring me to maintain focus for hours at a time. Not a strength for me. I find that if I just sit I wander off - so I'm much better to take notes; or, if there's nothing really to write down, to doodle. So I doodled little squares and patterns, and plenty of them.

They look much better from a distance - close up you can see the lack of finish.

I liked them so much I thought I'd try them on fabric - so I got a permanent marker and ruled a 12.5" square (because that's the size of my square ruler). The fabric tends to bunch so I attached them to a baking tray with masking tape and did my doodling. One is on white fabric and one is actually a pale pink.

I like them! They're not difficult or timeconsuming - one takes about fifteen minutes - and the edges are a bit rough, but the overall effect is very interesting. I shall do some more and see how they go in some kind of quilt. I don't know yet how you would quilt them. I may have to do some experimenting.

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