Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shiny things in circles

This is what my shiny scraps turned into. Lots of small circles, surrounded by lots of large circles. On different coloured fabrics - scraps again - without any particular plan. I like them! Although it's crudely appliqued, just with yellow topstitching around all the circles. But I think it makes it more colourful (although the real reason is that I had yellow thread in the machine and I couldn't be bothered changing it).

I finished the binding at quilters on Wednesday - in our new premises in an old primary school that's been turned into community multi-use. We have designated rooms in a building but the quilters' Wednesday day time meeting is in what used to be the old school hall. It's lovely - light and bright and everything is nice and new because all the kitchens and toilets have been redone for the re-use.

I don't like it when primary schools close - but Canberra's original vision was one primary school for every single suburb, and that just isn't feasible all the time. So, if they have to be closed, it's lovely that they're used as community facilities and not bulldozed and sold to developers. And who could be a nicer tenant than the Canberra Quilters? Apparently we share our floor with the University of the Third Age and the Heraldry Society. Sounds like fun ...

I finished the binding in time for show and tell - one of the ladies at my table said my quilt looked lovely from a distance! Yay for me!

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