Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Old embroidered things

For a while now I've had dibs on the old embroidered things lurking at the back of my Dad's linen closet. It's the usual assortment of things that don't exist any more - doilies, nightstand sets, teatray cloths ... and some that do like tablecloths and napkins. I've made Dad promise not to throw it out so it's all waiting there for me to come over and collect it! With empty suitcases and probably an excess baggage chit as well. I think there may have been a recent influx from when my aunt died ... I'm not sure. Dad is a bit of a hoarder.

So, some of it come over in an envelope with the six-year-old's birthday present last week, as a sneak preview! Dad was apologetic that he can't tell whether its recent machine-made or hundred-year-old embroidered by great grandma - but I can't tell the difference either! Some of it is clearly made by hand, and some is clearly post WWII synthetics, but other than that? It's a mystery. I'm having fun washing and folding regardless.

The blue background is maybe a dishcloth or teatowel - quite small anyway. The orange flowers are on a tablecloth! Pretty!

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