Saturday, October 2, 2010

Liberated chinese coins

I'm happily plugging away on the hand quilting for this quilt. It's not small - about 75 inches square I think - and it's going to take me a while! But that's OK. I sewed the chinese coin strips originally for some light entertainment (really because I couldn't think of anything else to sew, so sewed scraps), and then decided that it needed words around. I have no idea why, but I thought it did, so I added them in. Lots of fun.

I like the greens around the strips - it's mostly a light yellowy green which is very fresh - the photo above looks a bit greyer than it is in reality. I really chose it because it was the colour I had most of in the dyed shelf (I am completely out of blues) but it seems to work.

Work has prevented me going to the last day time quilters meeting because I was on a selection panel, and I have to travel next week so I'll miss the evening meeting, which is a bit of a curse. So my words reflect the selection process! Kind of.

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