Monday, July 26, 2010

Off to the exhibition with this one

Here is the finished product called "Happy Birthday to me" - I trimmed off the threads, ran the lint roller over it and even remembered to take a photo. The lint roller was an eye opener! Because I'd hand quilted it, it had been on the sofa for a number of months and was COVERED in cat hair. Those cats are impossible to keep off quilts and they shed like they have hair to spare and are growing more every minute. Maybe they are.

I do like this quilt - it's very simple but I like the colours and I like the warmth of the borders. It was fun to make because I decided on each border, and each fabric, as I went - and it was fun to hand quilt because it's just all done in straight lines. It was a deliberate choice to make something for the exhibition that would look "normal" and good on a wall, and I think I've done that. Hardly an artistic statement, but true for me.

I took a photo of these little fellas in the museum at Jakarta. (Actually, on closer inspection, I don't think they're fellas). They're each such a great shape.

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  1. marvellous medallion quilt! Wonderful blue background for the applique