Friday, January 11, 2019


I am back at work and engaged in the very important task of transferring vital information to next year's diary. Or rather this year's diary. I like a paper diary for taking notes in, and making to-do lists. Not meetings and scheduling, that is much better handled by Outlook, but for writing things down that I need to remember on the day that it happened. Or maybe should have happened, depending on how my week is going. But, looking back at 2018, I have to admit, I am a chronic doodler.

And not a very creative one either. Day after day, week after week, the same lines appear. In different coloured inks because I like to switch it up (in my favourite but battered Lamy) but the same patterns.

Inspired by quilting motifs of course. I swear that it helps me think and concentrate. If I'm not doodling then I wander off mentally, but if I am doing something with my hands then I take in what the speaker is saying. I would rather be knitting of course, or doing some hand stitching, but apparently that is frowned on in the workplace. Foolish nonsense. When I run the world workplace craft will be encouraged, or possibly even enforced.


  1. Brilliant!!! Have you heard of Zentangle? That's based on a similar premise (doodling so freeing the mind to concentrate on other things) - you're a natural Zentangler :-)

  2. Your doodles are much better than mine. But I was (WAS!!! Hooray for retirement!) a chronic meeting-doodler also.