Friday, November 9, 2018

See-through walls

I had a day in Sydney yesterday in a tall building with too much glass ... it was all very light and bright and sunny but terrifying for someone scared of heights. Like me. There was a big central atrium going up 30 odd floors with glass high-speed lifts (the men in the bottom right are in a lift).

And on every floor there is an open meeting space with floor to ceiling glass windows onto the outside and low glass balustrades out into the atrium. The corridors are on the atrium and even the hand basins in the ladies back onto floor to ceiling glass windows. On the 21st floor! I had to wash my hands gingerly, from a distance. I have a very low-rise life normally.

My older son is scared of heights too but I tell him you just have to suck it up, and not let it rule you because one day a client will want to meet on the roof, or a girl you want to impress lives on the 30th floor ... and you have to be able to do it even if your palms and sweaty and your heart is racing and you feel like you're going to lose control of your bowels. I try to practice what I preach and I'm still alive to talk about it, although there were times yesterday when I felt hideously uncomfortable! Weirdly, I am not at all frightened of flying, and happily look out the window of the tiniest planes.

But back in my comfort zone I have temporarily gone back to wool dyeing. I had a heap of skeins tied up from last time and ready to go, so I made some blue and black skeins. I might keep going with it (and actually buy some proper wool dye and not use food colouring) or I might just keep weaving with all the different yarns in the world. Such choices!!! The wool I dye looks lovely but is quite scratchy once woven .... although I did do it on a 12 dpi with the borrowed rigid heddle and I'm doing this lot looser, on a 10 dpi. It might be softer? Who knows, I will report back.


  1. The weaving and felting is a whole new language, it's awesome. Heights had never worried me until I was on a slow, huge ferris wheel at Disneyland - and when we finally got to the bottom it went around again without stopping - terrifying!

  2. Argh, you wouldn't get me in one of those lifts. Or a small plane, for that matter. I don't really trust any plane. Not keen on big bridges, either...