Monday, November 27, 2017

The non-binding postal survey

Here at last is the finished rainbow scrap quilt - to celebrate all things marriage equality and the fact that Australians also agree it is a good idea. You would think it would go without saying, but we had to have a non-binding postal survey, and I had to make a rainbow scrap quilt to go with it.

It's got straight-line quilting and a grey binding. I trialled scrappy binding but it just didn't work so went with the grey chevrons. I had to take a photo inside because we have been having buckets of rain and storms for the last few days. Wonderful for the garden - I spent an hour Sunday morning pulling out weeds and the ground was actually damp - but not so good for the washing.

But it wasn't raining on Thursday evening when I crashed my car ... perfectly good light at a perfectly normal intersection where I failed to see an oncoming car as I was turning and they crashed right into me. Nobody was hurt thank heavens, but such a noise, and my airbags went off, and people everywhere! I was on my way to a show at the school that my husband was already at, so he walked up and met me and called the insurance company. The other car was crumpled but driveable, but we had to get a tow truck for ours. All very avoidable and I was quite shaken up. We're waiting to see what the insurance company is going to do with the car - fix it or write it off - either way it's a lot of unnecessary hassle! At least no-one was injured. I was glad to have a very quiet weekend.



  1. So pleased you are OK. You and Max within 6 weeks - how long can our good luck last? Take extra care, family.

  2. Oh dear, poor you. Glad you're all right. I love your quilt - so bright and zingy. I also love your idea of "at last". No, no, "at last" is my two quilts per year way of working.