Thursday, November 30, 2017

Much activity but not getting anywhere

Life with one car is wearing us down! Especially this time of year where there seems to be constant activities. For starters, we had the year 10 formal. Number one son in a suit from the op shop and his dad's bow tie. And dad's shoes. We bought him a new shirt ... thank heavens for boys. It was all very low fuss, but didn't he turn out handsome! Ignore the pained smile.


Arriving at the formal is a big thing, they try and think up the fanciest ways of getting themselves to the "red carpet". Apparently some kids arrived in a helicopter last year! We were never going to top that one. The formal was held at the Arboretum, and my son and his friend decided to get their old scooters and scoot down from the hill behind the function centre. It was very well received apparently.

In the end our car was written off by the insurance company, so we've picked out another one with minimum research and maximum laziness ... the same but bigger, because it's amazing what a seven year old will fit into that a fifteen year old won't! But even with minimum research there's a heap of fiddling around with paperwork and decisions and phone calls. On top of the usual end of year stuff of concerts and school assemblies and actually having to work for a living! I will be glad for January.


  1. Your blog post title is so relatable! I'm just adjusting to my 13 year old finally getting taller than me - its fun seeing them turn into handsome young men.

  2. He's lovely! (Sorry I made you want an expensive scarf but I'm sure you can make one just as nice.)