Monday, August 28, 2017

Wierdo weather

After all that lovely sun during the week it goes and SNOWS on Sunday! A bit strange to happen this late in the winter, although Canberra always loves snow - we only get it maybe once a year and it's very exciting. I went down the coast for the weekend so I was driving back through a couple of little flurries. Nothing to worry about, except that I wanted to watch it and not concentrate on the driving.

The coast was beautiful on Saturday - lovely sunny weather - as I did my footnotes and bibliography until the charge on my laptop ran out. I forgot to pack the charger so I put the brightness on so low I could hardly see and it lasted a few hours. Nearly done. Given the gap this created in my weekend productivity schedule (hahahaha) I put together the new Ikea tv stand we bought to replace the ancient plastic veneer one the previous owners had left for us. With an ancient video player too. It might work - who would know? Who has videos?

This is the after photo, which looks quite good,  but the halfway through photo is a bit of a shocker. I was turning it over after attaching the legs and caught the cord of the lamp that sits on the high shelf and pulled it off ... smashing everywhere. The lampshade, and the fitting, and the bulb, spreading about six feet in every direction. Took me an hour to clean it up, cursing the whole while. I never really did like the lamp though, so that's OK. My first reaction was to get my phone to take a picture ... what have I become?

I was at the beach on my own - I did offer to take children but no-one was free or interested. I also made a shirt which I am wearing at the moment so I will take a photo when I get home to show you! Nice and bright, and possibly on the loose and flowing end of the shirt spectrum, rather than the tailored end, but that's good sometimes when you're feeling a bit plump. I quite like the pleats on the neckline so might use the pattern again.

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