Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sick day today

I felt so dreadful yesterday that I thought I must be coming down with full influenza (minimum - probably typhoid or dengue, not that I'm hypochondriac at all) but after some catch up sleep and a quiet day I feel fine again ... so probably not typhoid. We shall call it a virus, but I might just have been a bit tired and cranky. And if that's not an illness it should be. On the plus side, I had a sofa buddy.

We are at that time of the year when the sun buckets into the living room. Just six weeks in spring and autumn luckily - it would kill us dead in summer - but it is beautiful while it lasts. And yes, it is spring, the daffodils are up, the wattle is blooming and the baby magpies have been kicked out of the nest. They tap on the kitchen window if you're at the sink and eye you off until you give them cheese. Or meat. It must be working because we haven't been swooped in our yard yet.... It's a bit easier now the cat is officially deaf and, we think, a bit blind as well. She can still feel the sun though.


  1. I'm all sympathy - I've just put in a full week like that, but with no cat for consolation. First time in years, and all because the Doc persuaded me to have the 'flu jab. That's my story - reverse karma, or something.

  2. Ah, you'd have got on well with my dad, who never had indigestion without its being a heart attack, or a cold without self-diagnosing pneumonia. He was like this all my childhood but managed to hang on till he was 87, when he was felled by a very rare cancer.