Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In which I question my sanity

As you know, dear readers, I have two boys. My world is pretty blokey - cars and trucks and fart jokes.    This is fine by me - I did kind of want an adorable little dress-up pink baby but they do tend to turn into young ladies with minds (and mouths) of their own a year or two before boys. Well, as far as I can figure from watching other people's children.

Anyway, this Christmas we are going to friends, who have two daughters, one of whom is into Barbie. So I got her a Barbie, and I brought it home ... and it had not been in the secret present stash for more than two minutes before I got Miss Barbie down, ripped her out of the box, emptied out the dance-school scrap bag and started making that skinny blonde some clothes. It was overpowering. I am going to have to buy another Barbie to give to the actual kid.

Look, an opera cloak. For when she goes to the opera. This was the most fun I have had sewing for MONTHS.


  1. So the Barbie outfits you sewed in the 80s that are being 'preserved' at Grandad's can be recycled?

  2. they're seriously still there!!! oh no, that's a bit of a worry. My sewing skills have improved, honestly.

  3. Lol! How long did you spend doing this? My favourite is the fifties red and black polka dot ensemble. Perhaps you should open an etsy shop for handmade designer barbie wear?