Wednesday, April 25, 2018

And the beach

My sister and her two boys came over from Auckland to visit us when we got back from Sydney which has been lovely. We've shown them the good Canberra things (Questacon, the arboretum, IKEA) and we dragged them down to the coast to show them our particular piece of Australian coastline.

The weather has been glorious for their visit; not too hot, just best sparkling autumn.  We all went for swims because the weather was so lovely ... but it was a bit deceptive. The water was clear and pretty and very very cold. I was OK in a wetsuit but nobody stayed in for very long, not even the seven year old.

My sister and I dragged them on various walks which they reacted to with the kind of special enthusiasm shown by teenage boys for walks with their mothers. And seven year old boys too. The older three have been plugged into various devices for as much of the time as we let them. The youngest one still likes playgrounds but there's not much common ground .... except for ice-creams and chocolate biscuits. That gets them all interested.

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  1. Looks lovely. Is there such a word as techno-companionship? Plugged into your devices but sort of close like a herd of cattle lying down in the midday sun?