Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I'm in New Zealand

No post for a week because I have been in New Zealand to celebrate my cousin getting married! I booked this trip last year before I knew work would be so busy, so there is a bit of guilt at wandering off and leaving both home and work to their own devices for six days. Especially in only the second week of school! But I am having a LOVELY time.

I have hardly taken any decent photos of anything, so here is brother, sister and brother-in-law in the kitchen. Actually my iPhone ran out of storage soon after this photo was taken so you will have to take my word for it that the wedding party was lots of fun, and in a beautiful setting at their place in the countryside just outside Rotorua. I had wonderful chats with siblings and cousins and family friends that I hadn't seen for ages.

So that was on Saturday - I flew into Auckland last Thursday, spent two days with my little sister, then we all went down to Hamilton to have lunch with my older brother and sister and their families - including ALL the nieces and nephews! I haven't seen them altogether for a very long time, now they have jobs and studies and travel around the world. Then off to Rotorua for the party and a night in a slightly decrepit motel (but very handily located) before back to my Dad's for a couple of nights in Tauranga. He is looking after me extremely well and doing all the cooking! This is fish he caught himself and saved specially for me.

The only two things stopping me having fun are the weather - which is appalling, it has rained every single day - and my toes ... while I was packing on Wednesday night I dropped my ipad on my toes (straight down, like a guillotine) and it was excruciating. They swelled up black almost instantly and the pain just wouldn't go away so we spent four hours down in emergency and had xrays. Normally I wouldn't bother for toes but given I was going to fly the next day I wanted some medical professional to say I could! Which they did. Lots of strapping, lots of painkillers, and I've really been only able to walk properly today, which has scuppered my plans to do scenic strolls and a bit of light shopping.

Instead I've been cleaning out a few of Dad's cupboards, throwing out as much crap as he'll let me, and having lovely catch ups with relatives and friends here, including fellow quilters! There is nothing quite like spending time with a fellow enthusiast, particularly when they make absolutely beautiful quilts and are happy to answer all your "how did you do THAT?" questions in great detail. Magical.

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  1. Gosh, that sounds lovely (apart from the toes, ouch. Ross's iPad narrowly missed my toes this morning and it occurred to me that it was quite a lethal weapon).

    I have NO COUSINS and only one brother. How wonderful to have all that family.