Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hipster vintage retro cushions

When I was in Hobart I had a look through some pretty cool shops that sold all sorts of groovy homeware things. Way groovier than I could ever be, but I like to look. So when the new couch needed some new cushions I let the boys pick some covers, and I picked some covers, and then I remembered that I'd seen cushions in one of the Hobart shops made out of old commemorative tea towels. Hang about! I thought to myself. I have crap tons of old commemorative tea towels ... because Nana Joan did a lot of travelling and was partial to a nice linen tea towel, and I have them now for some reason that is not altogether clear to me.

Anyway this is the purchased cushion section of the sofa. I chose the fur one, number one son chose the plain one and number two son chose the stripy one. We already had the herringbone fur throw. It is in constant use, between me, the children, and the pets.

This is the hipster vintage retro section of the sofa. There is one rectangular New Zealand Birds cushion, and two square "Australian 1976" commemorative cushion. I am fairly confident Nana Joan went to Australian in 1976 - probably with her church, they did a lot of group trips - and this is from then. They are backed in a natural linen, so as not to detract from the awesomeness of the tea towels. I did fully intend to do piping around the edge like the ones in the shop I saw but I don't have a zipper or piping foot for this machine, and it was just too difficult without one. But I think they hold their own.

Should I do more? I have Australian Birds, Lake Windemere, two from Papua New Guinea, another New Zealand Birds, one with all the flags of the Country Women's Institute countries, Australian Flowers, Norfolk Island and Birds of the Countryside, which includes a wren and a pied flycatcher, so I'm thinking England again. They are all marked "pure linen" or "Irish linen" - I don't even know if you can get linen tea towels any more. I can't imagine using them to actually do the dishes.


  1. All very jolly, but why do you, the fastest creator or quilts ever born, have a non-quilt throw on your sofa?????? Surely you must have a few spare quilts, enough for every member of the family to have a different one every day of the year???? And the cat.

  2. They're gorgeous. I'll be interested to see how they last, as my nana Joan linen tea towels used for drying dishes gave up the ghost pretty quickly

  3. Nana Joan would be chuffed with those - now have you seen the ones made out of Grandad Brian checked woollen blankets...

  4. Just leave my blue or green blankets out of this discussion. I need them for my bed when I visit. I think the 1976 trip was to Cairns, where she rode around pillion on the back of (Uncle) Brad's motorbike. There was a wildflowers trip to WA later, and trips to Brisbane to international CWI conferences. I think the only church one was a trip to Japan. Meantime Lena's cross stitch woollen covers are looking a bit sad here...