Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Theo Moorman table runner

Here - finally - are some photos of the finished table runner that I did at weaving classes. I've washed, dried and ironed it. The technique involves weaving a ground cloth - the cream - then putting supplementary threads just on the front, that are held down by very fine threads. When we did the sampler I liked the translucent effect that you get when you put a fine supplementary thread over the top - and what happened when you overlapped them. So I did overlapping squares.

I tried to go with a 1950s abstract vibe, in pastel colours. The background cloth is a cotton/silk mix which makes it nice and nubbly, although using two separate yarns as one was a bit of a pain. Some of the supplementary threads are just about invisible, but that's part of the effect I was aiming for ... no, not really. I didn't have a clue what I was aiming for.

And here is the back. No sign of the colours at all. I hand-stitched down the hem. It makes quite a nice cloth, I might try and buy some silk and see what happens. Perhaps just for the weft though, not the warp. Now I have to find a table to run it along. Table runner! Never used one in my life. It's not long enough for a scarf, so I might fold it up and put it in the cupboard.

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