Saturday, February 25, 2017

Some weaving

I'll take a break from the California posts (don't worry, nearly finished) to show some recent weaving projects. I'm still using the hand-dyed wool, but I found I had lots of little odds and ends left over, so I used them up in a clasped weave. This is where you use two warps - one comes in from one side, loops the other one, and then you manually adjust them in the middle. So you get one colour coming in from one side, and one from the other, to make a smooth curve (difficult) or random jagged edges (easier). Terrible explanation but it was fun to do and there's plenty of better explanations around if you really need to know.

I used a completely white warp which make it go all pastel with the rainbow of scraps of wool. Just an experiment but a wearable one I think.

So following on from this I decided to do a planned clasped weave, and dyed some yellow/orange and some grey/black variegations. The warp is striped white/orange/white/grey and the clasp is random up the scarf.

I don't like this as much as I thought I would. I think it's a bit muddy.

Now if only it would stop being 35 degrees I could wear some of these things! Even the thought of wool makes me itchy at the moment. I have started another weaving class at the ANU - we are doing Theo Moorman technique. It is very nice to be back in the School of Art among the looms.


  1. I love the rainbow pastel. The other came out a bit like one of my tea towels.

  2. These are lovely. For once, I think I may be producing quilts faster than you...