Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Just sitting and melting

It's been a hot week here and we've just been sitting around melting, eating icy poles and keeping ourselves entertained. Number two son got Sims4 for Christmas so me and him have been playing that - we both love making little people and dressing them up. It's like dollhouses.

Number one son has been off camping with some of his friends in the state park about half an hour west of here. There was (rotating) adult supervision - my husband spent a night out there and said it was beautiful. Hot, but not as bad as in town, and nice to be among the trees. Millions of flies though, which sucked. The purpose of the camping trip was for one of my son's friends to make a zombie movie, which is an audition for some performing arts program, I didn't get the full story. Lots of make up and  running away screaming.

And here is my husband breaking in his new Christmas boots. Very stylish.

I'm not sure how much posting I'll be doing on the blog over the rest of the month ... we'll be out and about. And I can't even be in the sewing room at all in this temperature!

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  1. Oh, come, I rely on you for entertainment. Surely blogging is cooler than trudging about in the heat? (It's not particularly hot here, but on the other hand not particularly cold either. Snow is threatened by the weather forecasters, however.)