Thursday, April 1, 2010

Every baby needs something tie-dyed

I've long wanted to dye those pastel all-in-one baby suits - so given my sister is five or so months pregnant it seemed like the perfect chance. Surely a sister wouldn't criticise one's handiwork? Hah!

One was mint, and one was pale yellow, and now they're this .... the yellow/orange one was much more successful from a dyeing point of view. The ties prevented the dye from reaching all areas. The mint one isn't so good - it's basically dark lime green now, with a few blotches on the back. They're both 0000 size, so the baby will only have to suffer in them for a few weeks!

I'm not sure what the official name is for these little suits. Onesie? Romper suit? Stretch'n'gro? In our house we call them maggot suits, because wriggling babies in little white ones look like fat jiggling maggots. Somehow the name never caught on.

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